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frequently asked questions:

  • What do I need to get a Concealed Handgun Permit?

    • You need to attend at least the 8 hour Basic Pistol Class, but also recommend the 2-Day Concealed Carry Class.​

  • How long is this training good for?

    • This NRA CCW training certificate is good for 10 years, but you should constantly and consistently attend trainings to better your firearms skills and experience.​

  • Is the 2-day Concealed Carry Class appropriate for new shooters?

    • Yes, as long as you've attended the Basic Pistol Class and have a firearm/magazines/hoster to train with.​

  • What is the difference between the 8-hour Basic Pistol Class and the 2-day Concealed Carry Class?

    • Aside from the obvious time difference, there is much that sets these apart from each other...  The 8-hour covers basic pistol fundamentals with safety and overall selection and handling of firearms for any use, with the optional minimal range shooting portion.  The 2-day covers owning and carrying a pistol for personal protection and protection of others.  It is a full day of classroom learning fundamentals of drawing from a concealed holster and managing malfunction/reloads, as well as a full range day with 150+ rounds in drawing and shooting from a concealed holster.  So much more is offered and attained from the 2-day CCW Class.​

  • Is there an age limit for the trainings?

    • The 2 hour firearms safety seminar is for all ages.  The 8-hour basic pistol is for all ages, but only those approved by instructor will partake in the range portion.  The 2-day CCW and the Tactical Classes are for adults, with exception to capable and responsible teenage students.  All youth students will need to attend with parents/guardians.​

  • Does Team America Tactical offer any discounts?

    • Yes, we offer $50 off discounts to prior students, 10% off for Veterans, Law Enforcement, Phoenix Weaponry customers, Long's Shadow Holster customers.​

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